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National Authority In Facilities Management More Than 10 Years


Quality, value and satisfaction with global reach and local focus


24/7/365 responsive global network of service and assistance


A centralized, highly efficient and cost-effective approach to building management services


Integrated Green design and energy
led engineering

The Royalty Facility Cleaning Circle of Service

Proper facilities maintenance allows you to proactively eliminate inefficiencies, increase productivity and profitability, This creates a pleasing guests experience adding to your bottom line by drawing more customers to you locations. Win! Win! Win! Situation.


Janitorial Services

  • Vacuuming of the carpet
  • Dusting
  • Emptying trash
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • breakrooms or kitchens cleaning
  • High Dusting
  • Restrooms cleaning
  • Restaurants Services

  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Washing
  • Tiles and Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Restrooms Cleaning
  • Kitchen Equipments
  • Kitchen Hoods Cleaning
  • Building Wash.
  • Residential Services

  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Screen Cleaning and Replacement
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Turns and Rehab
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Bird Control
  • Commercial Services

  • Window Cleaning –Standard Service, Post Construction or Glass Restoration & Stain Removal
  • Awning Cleaning – Maintenance Programs, Stain Removals, UV Protection & Sealing
  • Building Washes Other Power Washing Services
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Bird Control – Netting and/or Spike Strips
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Blind Cleaning – Ultrasonic System for Deep Cleaning of Mini-Blinds, Verticals, Silhouettes, as well as Wood Blinds & Shutters
  • Why To Choose Royalty Facility Services ?

    Royalty Facility Services Is a leading Facilities Management Company, creates innovative solutions in the facilities services industry.At Royalty Facility Services, our business is built around delivering solutions to the facilities services industry that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are an expert integrated facilities management company that also specializes in mechanical services and energy management. Contracts are supported by our experienced managers and facilities support personnel including licensed building professionals.

    Royalty Facility Services improves facilities while reducing costs for our clients.

    Royalty Facility Services delivers value through innovative solutions. We work closely with each one of our customers to deliver a program that not only maintains the facility and buildings , but also enhances value by improving health and safety  and reducing costs. This is driven by our experience in the field, including the implementation of well-planned maintenance programs and deploying cutting-edge account management systems.

    Royalty Facility Services uses the latest technology solutions to support its clients, with our computerized maintenance management system forming the hub of our solution with access from mobile applications. Contracts are supported  24/7 call , providing immediate response to any request.

    Royalty Facility Services provides facilities services to the marketplace. Our company uses talented and experienced professionals around the nation to maintain facilities of various types. Our primary goal is to deliver innovative solutions in order to maintain facilities with the highest standards while also achieving cost savings.

    Our expertise team is second to none in the facilities services industry. We are an expert in the field of mechanical and utilities management services, delivering service, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration systems through our mobile workforce of licensed technicians.x


    Team up with Royalty facility Services, The country’s top cleaning service provider! We have been the preferred choice in the indutry for the last 18 years. Below are some of our case studies and learn how adept our company is in helping facilities meeting their maintenance needs .

    Fast Casual Restaurant

    Consolidated one the of National fast casual restaurants with 1200+ locations nationwide to have a uniformity and consistent service at all their stores. Routinely consulted with the management and operations and came up with a strategy that:
  • Implemented consistent, preventive maintenance on the building and surrounding that resulted in 10% reduction in cost of service
  • Transferred all their files and location history and data into our platform and immediately seen a 99%reduction in recall percentage and 246% increase in efficiency and service delivery.
  • Designed a kitchen, bathroom, floors cleaning programs and eliminated high risk activities such as high dusting. Increased
  • Sustainability & Energy

  • Performed entire facility management, maintenance services on a daily basis. Provided competitive costs on service.
  • Utility Vendor Management
  • Utility Supply Services
  • Energy Procurement Services
  • Routinely consulted with the top leadership on the best practices for cleaning scopes and asset longevity Many our recommendations have been implemented:
  • Transferred all their facility operations and dispatch into our platform eliminating their call centers cut down on the operation cost.
  • Implemented a green cleaning program to LEED standard across the Nation.
  • Retail Store Services

    Managed weekly Janitorial including Window Cleaning, Floor care and monthly pressure washing utilizing tablets capabilities to share records and surveys.
  • Implemented a green cleaning program to LEED standard across the nation, reducing the number of chemicals in the stores and increasing the safety of cleaners and workers
  • We achieved a 15% reduction in total cost from the previous years.
  • Service Metric & Performance Reporting
  • Removed their Call Center not needed
  • Incident Response
  • Staff Management
  • Budget Management
  • Subject Matter Expert Management
  • Supply Chain Management

  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Support & Management
  • Procurement Negotiation
  • Supply Spend Management
  • FM Benchmarking Services
  • Supply Chain Compliance & Auditing
  • Supply Chain Rationalization
  • Supply Chain Innovation Management
  • Operational SLA Management
  • Operating Procedures Support
  • Shared Savings Modeling
  • What Our Customers Say About Us ?