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About Us

Royalty Facility Cleaning Is Always Relentless

At Royalty Facility Services, the phrase “Always Relentless”  not only represents our company’s philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation. It’s also a promise to our clients.   “Ready” for you with relevant people, information and resources required to maintain your facilities at their optimum levels of operation. To be here with support and answers to your concerns, should problems arise, followed by quick resolution to restore your peace of mind.

And it’s a promise to provide clients with forward-thinking, integrated facilities management solutions and maintenance programs that deliver operating efficiency, deliver bottom-line financial savings, and offer sustainable advantages in energy use, management and conservation.

Royalty Facility Services are Always Relentless  delivering true value through our unique combination of a strong culture built on family ownership values, dedication and subject matter expert service teams.

Our superior level of operational excellence is expressed through Circle of Service, which operates globally and represents our four key areas of facility management distinction: Services, Support, Sustainability and Scalability

National Reach, Local Focus.

Royalty Facility Services was established in the United States  in the year 2000, America is  home to our global team of professionals whose efforts are fully focused on delivering exceptional client satisfaction. We self-deliver all technical services and utilize our global strategic partners to support the delivery of integrated facilities management to client buildings worldwide.

Royalty Facility Services has evolved through the years to serve the private and public sectors and has a worldwide reputation as a leading facilities management company with strong organic growth. As a privately owned company, our first goal is to completely satisfy the needs of our clients. We firmly believe in providing our clients with custom-tailored and dedicated services as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.

We employ diverse capabilities and longstanding experience to deliver facilities management services with added support, financial stability, and the comfort of our technical expertise and resources. Developing and implementing innovation has been instrumental in our success and we continuously make significant investments in technology to maintain our Always relentless  presence, improving building operations effectively, while establishing and maintaining client confidence and peace of mind.

Diverse Capability And Experience

The company has a diverse capability and experience to deliver facilities management services to large, multifaceted and prestigious sites across the globe and around the corner with the added support, financial stability and comfort of worldwide technical expertise that gives security to the client.

Royalty Facility Services has a strong management team  qualified and experienced, Each of our technician and subject matters experts are licensed in their respective fields. Our philosophy is to self-perform the services that we are experts in, working with strategic partners for specialist services to provide complete integrated facilities management solutions across the nation.

Royalty Facility Cleaning Accreditations

Royalty Facility Services is accredited with the following Organizations and OSHA certifications:

  • Quality Management Systems
  •  Environmental Management System
  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems
  •  Quality Measuring Systems

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