Established In 2009 By Joseph Tumsifu Koppa.

Royalty Facility Services was founded in 2009 by Joseph Koppa in Los Angeles California to provide a complete facility management solution, Joseph worked in the facility maintenance department of  a fast casual restaurant encountered problems that were not addressed by the solutions in place at work. The vision was to start a company that would address those issue head on and help other facilities managers and building owners in the area. Royalty Facility Services began as a small business based in Riverside County, California. It thrived during the first three years of its inception due to a good business model and a flourishing US economy. Royalty Facility Services became known throughout the Southern California for its high-quality facilities maintenance services, and expanded to northern california and across the country. We now offer clients national experience with the expertise of over 20 years in the facilities management industry.

U.S. Presence Since 2009

Royalty Facility Services began delivering services in the entire United States in 2015 , and quickly developed a strong reputation with steady growth in the mechanical maintenance and energy management fields. Royalty Facility Services has expanded its U.S. operations through the years, and is able to serve customers located throughout the country. Royalty Facility Services headquarters are located in Southern California with regional offices in  Florida and Maryland.

Royalty Facility Services Opens its first REGIONAL office

In 2017, Royalty Facility Services expanded into the East Coast of United States after a massive growth and open our Maryland office with offices. Same year our clientele increased exponentially in the East coast that led to an opening of another regional office in Florida.

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Established 2009 in Los Angeles

RFS was founded by George Scarr-Hall in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

2000 -2010

In 2010 Royalty Facility Services Expanded to Northern California.


As industry flourished, the business diversifies into providing complete facility management services.


Company expands its customer base and is contracted to service a client who has multi locations across United States, Due to a good business model, high service demands Royalty Facility Services opened it doors to serve the entire United States of America.


2017 was an exponential growth year; marked the introduction of the first fleet of vehicles and the Company’s first $10 million contract. Expansion sees branches in Maryland and Florida.

2019 - Present

Steady growth and Satisfied customers

2019 - Present

2019 marked our first decade in Business. Steady growth and Satisfied customers across the country

NEWS: RFS Continues to Expanded

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