Commercial Facilities Management

Facilities Management Made Simple

Commercial facilities management is changing. Expectations are high, but so are operating costs and the risk of business interruptions. You need a preventive maintenance solution that allows you to become more efficient and more effective. 

At Royalty Facility Service, we understand the challenges you’re up against. Our team of subject matter experts empowers you to reduce unnecessary work orders, stay ahead of equipment breakdown and enjoy transparency into your operations so that you can maximize your budget.

Avoid Risks With Commercial Property Management

In today’s business environment, anemic property maintenance strategies create serious risks to your organization:

  • High operating costs and maintenance expenses
  • Poor customer experiences and brand image
  • Unnecessary work orders
  • Extended downtime

Proper maintenance of commercial property allows you to be more efficient, retain its value while simultaneously increasing revenue. The good news is there’s a simple, streamlined way to manage commercial property.

Optimized Commercial Facilities Management With Royalty Facility Services

When inclement weather effects several store locations or HVAC units have stopped performing properly, you need a knowledgeable, experienced professional to handle the problem. That’s where Royalty Facility Services comes in.

We’ve worked to simplify facilities management operations, empowering managers  with the ability to efficiently oversee operations from start to finish.

When you use our all-in-one solution, Facilities 360, you’re tapping into a network of over 30,000 Affiliates and our team of subject-matter experts and operations specialists to get the job done. Our specializations include:

From Top to Bottom Roof, Walls and surroundings, we ensure your building’s exterior is clean,safe, healthy and appealing and easily accessible to customers – and helps you maintain a positive brand image.

We dispatch technicians to provide facility maintenance including technical,janitorial  HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and pest control, guaranteeing your facility is up and operating in a optimum level.

Building interiors in need of service? A technicans can handle several, janitorials, carpets,  floor care services (including sweeping, mopping and buffing), as well as restroom and office maintenance.

Subject matter experts are on hand to educate,lead and support you ensuring you’re getting the best customer experience.

When you choose Royalty Facility Services , you’re choosing:

Significant Savings

Our technology, methods  and unique business model drives out inefficiencies, increase productivity and cost reduction  to our clients.

Data & Analytics

Facilities 360 provides you with actionable big-data analytics, allowing you see how each process  and adjust your maintenance techniques on the fly.


You have unparalleled insights into  management,work orders including real-time visibility into money spend and consistent quality assurance throughout..

Risk Mitigation

Royalty Facility Services  $10 Million Insurance policy protects you from claims for maintenance-related accidents.

Vendor Quality

Team of operations specialists see that only knowledgeable, reliable professionals are dispatched to your facility.

In-depth Trade Knowledge

Better commercial facilities management starts here.