Residential Exterior Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

Residential exterior maintenance is a vital component in creating a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment for building tenants. Buildings should be in excellent condition, free from peeling paint, cracked windows and structurally sound.

At Royalty Facility Services, we help residential property managers standardize their approach to exterior maintenance by providing a simple, turnkey process to handle work orders while simultaneously lowering total operating costs.

Streamline Residential Exterior Maintenance With Royalty Facility Services

Strategic residential exterior maintenance puts the processes in place to respond to proactive, reactive and emergency maintenance needs. Property managers need a solution that eliminates complexity, lengthy work order cycles and high operating costs.

Designed to streamline residential maintenance strategies, Smart Facility by Royalty Facility Services is our proprietary platform that gives residential property managers access to professional contractors (Affiliates) that take on maintenance requests.

Our Affiliates specialize in a variety of fields, including:

Residential buildings require regular upkeep to maintain their integrity. Whether windows need washing or building interiors need new paint coats, residential property managers need to know the job will be completed in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Royalty Facility Services optimizes residential repair and maintenance by giving property managers the tools to oversee maintenance from start to finish. Our contractors (known in our network as Affiliates) are dispatched to handle residential property needs.

Snow & Ice Management

  • Slip & fall indemnification
  • Hauling
  • De-icing
  • Snow removal
  • Weather alerts

Lawn Care & Parking Lot

  • Landscaping
  • Parking lot sweeping, striping,
  • repair & sealing
  • Pressure washing

Moving beyond traditional, static residential property management, Smart Facility by Royalty Facility Cleaning facilitates exterior maintenance strategies from start to finish.

Key benefits of Royalty Facility Services include:

Smart operating processes

Tailored to individual maintenance requirements.

Long-term cost savings

Through a unique business model that eliminates unnecessary costs and back-office processes.

Vendor Quality

Ensured by in-house operations specialists who dispatch Affiliates to your location.

Actionable portfolio insights

Delivered through granular data and reports from our technology.

Upgrade your residential exterior maintenance strategies today.