Residential Property Management

Strategic Residential Property Management

In the property management and maintenance  industry, you have to exceed tenant expectations,  without exceeding operating costs. To do it, you need time and money-saving strategies that streamline operations without sacrificing quality.

Royalty Facility Services is no stranger to the responsibilities of managing residential properties. We’ve developed an all-in-one state of the art platform that enables you to oversee all your maintenance requests – improving performance, lowering costs per unit and reducing resident turnover so you can focus on higher value-added initiatives.

Successful residential property management requires you to balance a diverse range of responsibilities:

Today’s businesses require proactive property management when it comes to interior maintenance. Failure to do so can result in:

  • Reduce turn cost and time
  • Create excellent tenant experiences, keeping resident turnover rates low
  • Maintain and increase property values
  • Provide powerful portfolio insights

To provide residents with a positive experience, you need a property maintenance strategy you can count on and a comprehensive solution that allows for total transparency in your property management activities.

Streamline Residential Property Management With Royalty Facility Services

When properties are not adequately managed, unhealthy, unsafe and poor management ethics risk unhappy tenants and high resident turnover. When plumbing is amis,  or an HVAC unit needs an emergency fix, you need a reliable, efficient solution. That’s where Royalty Facility Services can help.

Designed to streamline property management, Smart Facility provides easy access to the resource you need to manage a full range of maintenance responsibilities. With over 20,000 Affiliates specializing in a variety of fields, the job always gets done. Our Affiliates’ capabilities include:

Our Affiliates are available 24/7 to provide electrical, painting, HVAC, plumbing services and more so your property never experiences outages or unusable facilities for an extended period of time.

Landscaping, snow removal and parking lot maintenance help maintain your property’s curb appeal and accessibility.

Affiliates and vendors work tirelessly to ensure units are cleaned, renovated and ready for new resident move-in as soon as possible

Key benefits of Royalty Facility Services:

Cost Efficiency

Maintenance is a top cost of residential property management. We eliminate extra fees, work order requests, invoice processing and more to drive significant savings to our clients.

Accountability Through Data

Royalty Facility Services provides key analytics that drive better business decisions including annual maintenance spend, consistent quality assurance and service verification.


Never lose insight into residential property management. We provide real-time detail and visibility into every aspect of your maintenance program, enabling you to identify areas for improvement.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

In-house compliance specialists manage insurance policies, reporting on vendors’ compliance status to achieve appropriate risk management standards. Additionally, our $30 million indemnification policy protect you from claim-related incidents.

Vendor Quality

Teams of subject-matter experts and operations specialist ensure that experienced professionals are dispatched to your home to handle maintenance requests.

Your residential property management is about to get a major upgrade.