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At Royalty Facilities Americas, we maintain a diverse and talented workforce of professionals and support staff, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the facilities services industry. From novice to expert, Royalty Facility  employees are responsible, professional and Relentless. That’s because the people of Royalty Facility Services are caring, enthusiastic and dedicated. We provide our employees with pathways for facilities management career development and nurture their personal growth and progress through our training and mentoring programs.

We actively recruit and proactively develop our skilled and highly motivated workforce, helping them to advance and achieve personal satisfaction in their facilities management career.

Employees Driving Innovation

Royalty Facilities Americas firmly believes in employee empowerment and encourages creative thinking to develop sustainable innovations and to continually improve service delivery to our clients. We reward employees through a variety of performance-based bonus programs. Teamwork is encouraged by assigned shared goals with rewards for achievement of those goals. Royalty Facility  Americas employees enjoy a range of benefits, including healthcare coverage, disability support, retirement plans and paid time off as well as a competitive salary structure. For more complete information or enquire about employment opportunities, please contact

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